Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • rvendra
    10-30 11:24 AM
    No, My employer based in New York, we don't have any offices in FL

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  • sac-r-ten
    02-24 10:06 AM
    congrats. Law does say about new Hires and layoffs. i doubt it takes into account the renewal/retensions.

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  • perm2gc
    08-24 10:08 AM
    Me, Masters In EE, Working in Medical Instrumentation at University.

    Papers: 1st author 3, other 7
    Conference/Posters: 1st author 3, other 13
    Recommendation letters: 7post a detailed message..

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  • nat23
    12-15 08:49 AM
    In very simple terms : Progressive experience means your job responsibilities increase with time.


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  • pradhanleena
    05-17 01:02 PM
    Can someone employed on a H1B visa do small private/independent consulting on the side in the same field of work? Or can he/she get paid as a private consultant in his/her home country while on H1B visa in the US?

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  • Ramkumar
    03-17 11:03 AM

    I�m in EB2 and My I-140 was approved September 2008 through Employer A. And I got laid off on November 2009 from EMP A, within 15 days I joined another Employer B. As per policy, employer B is not going to file GC for me. Already I spend 5 years on my H1B. I check with EMP A�s HR dept, they will not revoke my I-140 and H1B. I know AC21 is one of the options to transfer (Portability) my PD to Emp B after apply I-485.

    It would be great if I get answer the below my Question:

    1. If my PD is current, Will I eligible to apply I-485 using Employer A I-140 approved?
    2. What are the documents needed from employer A, if I want apply I-485?
    3. All my friends telling me, I can apply I-485, Is it true?

    Tons of Thanks,


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  • zeta411
    04-27 04:26 PM
    If you are not a citizen or if you do not have GC already, you might as well be an illegal.

    These anti immigration activities dont really make a distinction between legal and illegal.

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  • immi2006
    11-27 11:04 PM

    Couple of my colleagues from 10 Aug filing in TSC got 140 approval last week, same is the case with a few from Nebraska as well, I am still stuck waiting for my I 140 even though I filed ahead of others.


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  • dskhabra
    11-26 10:04 AM
    My wife is in the same boat. We filed for H1 amendment in the first week of September and online status tells it's done on 20 November. We still have not received documents in mail from USCIS. This was in Vermont. We were told initially that it might take upto 3 months.

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  • desi485
    11-13 01:47 PM
    I had a question about using using AC21.

    Here is the scenario: Let us say I work for XYZ Company who applied for my 140 and 485. I have approved 140, H-1b, EAD and AP.
    If XYZ laid me off or I left them for career progression or more money 180 days after my 485 was filed and 140 approved, what happens to my 485 application?

    Wouldn't USCIS question that since my sponsoring employer does not exist anymore, who am I going to work for once I get my green card? or is this coverd under AC21?

    Please advice!

    sir, if you have worked 180 days for this employer after filling of 485, there are no issues with CIS, atleast legally. However there are some unfortunate incidents going on where IO wrongfully denied 485 petitions when a person changed jobs using AC-21. I urge you to take part in IV AC-21 letters campaign which will help you and all of us to survive any unfortunate, unforseen job loss due to current downturn in economy. ( It is actully very easy, just print 4 pages and mail it thru' USPS. Won't even cost you $2. Remember this for yours and our future and peace of mind. Arul, I humbly request you to do so for sake of our community. Thanks!


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  • rockstart
    04-14 11:28 AM
    Use the AR 11 online process to change address do it seperately for yourself and your wife. When you have finished submitting new address the system will prompt you asking if you have any pending applications with USCIS. At that time enter the receipt numbers of all pending applications. This will do the needful. You can track the success by checking the case status in few days you can see a soft LUD on your pending applications. Also in few weeks you will receive a letter from USCIS at your new address that tells that they have updated the address. Some folks even call USCIS and verify the address change.

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  • ivuser9
    12-07 10:02 AM
    Day1 ur h1b visa starts


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  • senk1s
    11-12 11:00 AM

    This is one of the threads ...

    If you go to the main forums page - it lists all the sub-forums, there is one for self- filing. You'll find lot of guidance and experiences there

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  • tempgc
    11-05 02:49 PM
    Thanks a lot


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  • ak_2006
    05-10 02:33 PM
    Please check below link. They are pundits in predictions :)

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  • damialok
    05-05 01:26 PM
    As per the terms of the settlement ( D&vgnextchannel=2492db65022ee010VgnVCM1000000ecd190a RCRD), USCIS will EXPEDITE the N-400 and I-485 IF

    Its been pending at USCIS for atleast 6 months
    You are receiving SSI benefits

    Well I meet the first condition and visa numbers for my I-485 are available. But I dont meet the 2nd condition(not really sure). I for sure dont receive any benefits from SSA so I guess I cant use this settlement.

    Any insights/ideas?


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  • ras
    06-15 01:04 AM
    I lost my job about a month ago with fortune company where I had my H1 and then I filed to transfer my H1 to the GC filing company. It got approved last week. They even seem to have sent the I 94 with the H1 approval.

    I have a visa from the earlier company(fortune company) till dec 2009 in my passport. Do I now need to get a fresh visa again with the new (GC) company that has sponsored my H1. Or is the visa validity in my passport is good enough to work even for the new employer?

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  • gkp.gaurav
    07-03 03:39 PM
    hey, how can i add the image right into my thread like other's? i have attached it here, but it shows only the "image attached" link. Till now 180+ peoples visited this page, but only 40 has seen my image :(

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  • rajenk
    08-18 01:50 PM
    You are looking at a old document. The I-94 copies were asked back in 2008 to identify that you are in fact at or beyond 6th year on H1. Now all you need is the latest I-94 and form I-907 along with I-140 original labor certificate to do premium processing.

    Now there are no restriction, any one eligible to file I-140 can do premium.

    Good luck

    09-06 10:54 AM
    any help - urgent

    come on srarao,
    Think about it , Is this really something you should be panicked about ?

    I donot have my middle name mentioned in H1 anywhere although i filled my application with correct middle name. Its very common to not have midlle name mentioned by USCIS in application.

    I have a spelling errors in last name in visa, no problems ever.

    There are ways other than "Middle Name" to figure out who you are based on your appliation. So donot worry too much about it.

    Donot worry ...donot worry be happy you got receipts.

    12-15 09:35 AM
    Have a question related to that:

    If job / EB2 stipulates Bachelors + 5 years criteria, does it imply 5 years after obtaining the degree or can the experience be cumulative ?

    From what I know the 5 yrs are after obtaining the degree. Your job responsibilities should increase in those 5 yrs. That is why when people try to apply under EB2 with Bachelors + 5 years criteria the experience letters play a big role. On the other hand when people substitute the Bachelors + 5 years criteria with MS and a few yrs experience all they need is the degree and a letter from the co-worker that they worked there without having to spell out the job responsibilities.

    Having said all this, I might be wrong as I'm not a lawyer.



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